Distributionof Developmental Creditin Iraq under The EconomicDevelopment strategies for the Period (2011-2013)

Khalid Ibrahim Hasan AL – Ebadi, Haitham Abd Al – Khaliq Ismail Allaibi


Credit in general and developmental credit in particular are essential in modern economic life, through the support and development of all economic sectors, through preventing money from being left idle or frozen, credit has a large and prominent role in the midst of life events, given the tremendous technological and economic developments that have given it such importance, through the ability to provide the necessary funds, and motivate them to carry out developmental activities. The research is mainly intended to extrapolate the adopted credit strategy by the concerned parties in the distribution of development credit. As a result of the changes that took place in Iraq after 2003, the country's economic strategy has changed accordingly, therefore, the problem of research lies in the existence of indications of distribution of developmental credit directed to economic development in Iraq is not done within a particular strategy, as well as the lack of clear vision of the Iraqi Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation and its role in drawing up development plans, which includes financial allocations to the economic sectors in cooperation with the relevant authorities, in order to prove this, the research proceeded from the hypothesis of (lack of a clear strategy representing the overall frameworkto develop detailed plans for the distribution of developmental credit on the economic sectors stems from the economic strategy of Iraq during the period of research). The research has reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which were, a strategy to be followed by the concerned parties in the distribution of specialized developmental credit vary from time to time, but it is not clear and was not disclosed by the official authorities, the development strategy in Iraq has been unclear, particularly before 2003.

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