Performance Analysis of Mimo-Wimax System Using Space Time Block Codes

U. Kalyani, B.N.Srinivas Rao


Wireless access networks like WiMAX provide an excellent opportunity for operators to participate in the rapid growth opportunities that exist in emerging markets. The mobile Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) is based on IEEE 802.16 standard and is used for wireless Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). The inclusion of Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) in mobile WiMAX system provides a robust platform for space, time and frequency selective fading conditions and increases both data rate and system performance.The performance of mobile MIMO WiMAX system has been carried out using Space Time Block Code for different modulation schemes under different channel conditions like AWGN, Rayleigh channels etc. The result are encouraging because with respect to other services the WiMax getting better responses in term of WiMAX’s users and operators. The simulation of MIMO-mobile WiMAX model is done by using MATLAB

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