Design of a Packed Scrubber

T. Sindhuja, T. Tejaswini, K. Gnaneswar, T. Gautam Singh


Zirconium dioxide is dried to reduce its moisture content. The wet cake of 15000kg for 24 hrs is dumped in the dryer and the fee consists of 20% Zirconium dioxide, 65% water, 10% Ammonium nitrate and 5% Ammonium sulphate. Ambient air is heated to 240 °C using a heater and is allowed to come in contact with the wet cake. The contact time for each batch is 18 hours. Moisture along with certain particles of ammonium nitrate is removed through the exhaust at 90°C. The remaining cake is collected and the composition of the dry cake of 4200kg for 24 hrs includes 70% Zirconium dioxide, 2% water, 20% Ammonium nitrate and 8% Ammonium sulphate. The inlet flow rate of ambient air for each dryer is 2800 m3/h. design a packed scrubber for the exhaust gas.

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