Design A Novel High Speed Dual Modified Adaptive Multiplier

Shaik Rubeena Pyari, Nukulapati Adinarayana


Digital multipliers are the most analytic arithmetic functional units. The overall performance is depends on the throughput of the multiplier. An n-bit by n-bit multiplier can be employed by an n-bit by n-bit multiplication which can be carried out iteratively. K cycles are required for completion of an multiplication which can be terminated earlier if some of the leading significant bytes are all zeros or ones. This paper proposes a simple scheme of dual modified adaptive to exchange the two operands dynamically for reducing more cycles to 32-bit by 32-bit multiplications. In this paper, the designing of a dual modified adaptive multiplier for 32*32 bit number multiplication is proposed. Now-a-days, computer systems are very high speed unique multiplier. Hence, a Dual Modified adaptive multiplier is proposed. M, N, interconnected blocks are generated by this proposed system. The Dual Modified adaptive multiplier is obtained by enlarging bit of operands and producing an additional product. Multiplication operation which is performed by Dual Modified adaptive is efficient with less area and it reduces the delay.

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