Analysis of 12-Pulse Rectifier with Active Inter-Phase Reactor with Fuzzy Control Based Circulating Current

Jaddu Naga Sudeep, Rama Krishna Perla


This paper analyzes the effect of circulating current with amplitude and phase on the line current of 12 pulse rectifier with the combination of the active inter phase reactor. Therefore the input line current and the total harmonic distortion will be calculated by using fuzzy controller under various amplitude and phases of the circulating current. According to the calculation results the effect of the circulating current will be analyzed. The fuzzy controller is the most suitable for the human decision-making mechanism, providing the operation of an electronic system with decisions of experts.  Here fuzzy is compared with the other controller and later we analysis the performance of the system when the amplitude of the circulating current will be little less than equal the half of the load current. Therefore both the phases of lagging and leading operations are minimum, in THD of the input line current. By utilizing the simulation results we can verify the analysis of the system.

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