Design and Analysis of Modular Multilevel Cascaded Converter (Mmcc-Ssbc) Based Fuzzy Controller with Battery Energy Storage System

Balla Satya Durga Prasad, B Baby


An enhancement of performance and availability of battery energy storage system using a modular multilevel cascaded converter based on fuzzy controller has to be implemented in this paper for flexibility control. Here we are using the fuzzy logic controller, because it has many advantages comparing to other controllers. Such as, the fuzzy controller is the most suitable for the human decision-making mechanism, providing the operation of an electronic system with decisions of experts. The SSBC-based BESS produces three-phase multilevel voltage waveforms, and eliminates both harmonic filters and a complicated zig-zag transformer from the ac side. The circuit control modularity of the SSBC enables the usage of multiple individual low-voltage battery modules. Along with control strategy based on zero-sequence-voltage injection, this modularity enhances the availability and flexibility of the BESS by using fuzzy controller. The BESS with fuzzy provides low harmonic distortion compared to traditional system even when it operates with different active-power commands for individual bridge cells. In addition, zero-voltage ride-through (ZVRT) capability is verified for the severest single-phase, two-phase and three-phase voltage sags. Mathematical analysis and simulation verification validate the downscaled system and performance, making the BESS prospective.

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