Drug abuse and related law find mention in Gorakhsutras which were Written centuries before the present NDPs Act, 1985, : A fact finding study



It is a matter of grave concern that many people don’t understand why and how people get addicted to drugs. It can always be thought those who use drugs lack moral principles i.e. character and will. Actually drug abuse is a complex disease and quitting. It usually takes more than good intentions or a strong will. Drugs change the brain in such a way that quitting becomes harder even if you have will to quit. Character and will definitely are important factors at the time of initiation into drugs. Gorakhsutras are moral principles for life laid down by Gorakhnath, an 11th century saint who propagated Hath Yoga. He also warned people about cannabis and other euphoric substances about 10 centuries ago. The present study finds sutras of Gorakh which warn against drug use and abuse and also the punishments which one can get with their usage.

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