Traffic Redundancy Elimination System

S. Suresh Kumar, M. Divya


In this paper, we present PACK (Predictive ACKs), a novel end-to-end traffic redundancy elimination (TRE) system,designed for cloud computing customers. Predictive Acknowledgments (PACK) is the latest cloud-based end-to-end Traffic Redundancy Elimination system (TRE). Cloud-based systems have to optimize the usage of resources such as bandwidth. The bandwidth usage is reduced by decreasing the cost of TRE computation and storage. ACK is based on a novel TRE technique, which allows the client to use newly received chunks to identify previously received chunk chains, which in turn can be used as reliable predictors to future transmitted chunks. The server status does not have to be continuously maintained when using the PACK protocol. This feature makes PACK suitable for client mobility and server migration, which creates universal calculation environments responsible for maintaining cloud elasticity.

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