Role Of Corporate Social Responsibility In Disaster Risk Management – India’s Perspective

Niyati Anand, S.K. Choubey


On the account of India’s geographical conditions, it has traditionally been vulnerable to natural disasters. In this context India is frequently exposed to different types of disasters according to its geo-physical hazards. The social and economic loss occurring in the country mounts every year after year as the intensity and frequency of these natural disasters affect the economic as well the human lives of the nation. India traditionally has been having a reactive and responsive approach to such issues, making it difficult for them to have timely recovery with minimum loss to social and economic status of the country. India is moving towards balanced approach of mitigation and preparedness with the increasing awareness amongst general public by enormous efforts of government


as well as non- government organizations. The paradigm shift of approach in disaster management has directly or indirectly involved in the corporate sector in disaster management activities, i.e., pre- post disaster. This paper aims to discuss the key roles of corporate sector in disaster risk management from different aspects.

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