Effects of Isolated and Combined Effects of Aerobic Dancing and Resistance Training On High Density Lipoprotein Status of Type-2 DIABETIC PATIENTS

Dr.D. Maniazhagu


The purpose of study was to find out the effects of isolated and combined effects of aerobic dancing and resistance training on high density lipoprotein status of type-2 diabetic patients.  To achieve the purpose of the study, 60 type 2 diabetic patients from Karaikudi town, Sivaganga District, Tamilnadu were selected as subject at random. The study was formulated as pre and post test random group design, in which thirty subject were divided into four equal groups. The experimental group-1 (n=15, AD) underwent aerobic dancing, the experimental group-2 (n=15, RT) underwent resistance training, group – 3 (n=15, AD+RT) underwent combined training of aerobic dancing and resistance training (COM-T) and       group-4 (n=15, CG) served as a control group did not undergo any training. In this study, three training programme were adopted as independent variable, i.e., aerobic dancing, resistance training and combined training. The high density lipoprotein level was chosen as dependent variable. It was observed by blood analysis and obtained value recorded in Mg/dl. The selected three treatment groups were performed twelve weeks, as per the stipulated training program. The high density lipoprotein level was collected before and after the training period. The collected pre and post data was critically analyzed with apt statistical tool of analysis of co-variance, for observed the significant adjusted post-test mean difference of three groups. The Scheffe’s post hoc test was used to find out pair-wise comparisons between groups. To test the hypothesis 0.05 level of significant was fixed. The results of the present study proved that the three training interventions have produced significant alteration on high density lipoprotein. The level of high density lipoprotein was better decreased in aerobic dancing combined with resistance training group.

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