Empowerment of Tribal Women through SHG, Khumulwng, West Tripura

Khatang Debbarma, C. Arundhathi Bai


Self Help Group is a small economically homogeneous and affinity group of rural poor which voluntarily contributes to a common fund to be lent to its members as per group decision. It is one of the most effective aspects of rural development that goes beyond the narrow boundaries of any given aspect of development. The concept of SHG serves the principle “by member, of member, and for member” self help supplemented with mutual help can be a powerful vehicle for poor people efforts in socio-economic upward migration. Poor people need not only credit support but also savings and services. SHGs are potential group to create awareness on day-to-day affairs, including the habit of saving, working towards development of self and community assets, generating income sources and enhancing the income level. Self help group are the most recent development for rural women today,

which could enable them to come forward and make them self dependent and self employed. The present study “Empowerment of Tribal Women through SHG, Khumulwng, West Tripura” was taken to analyses the social and economic development of women through SHG.

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