Remote Based Health Monitoring System Using Iot And Raspberry Pi

Veesavaram Jhansi


In the present days diseases are increasing day by day and people are becoming very negligence. So a proper diagnosis is necessary for the patients to avoid critical conditions. Hence this system is designed to avoid these problems and to note the abnormal changes of patient time to time and at the same time it can be done using different sensors. The wireless body area network (WBAN) technology is one of the core technologies of IOT developments in healthcare system, where a patient can be continually monitored using a collection of tiny-powered and lightweight sensor nodes. Our main objective is to implement a monitoring system which monitors the B.P, pulse rate, heartbeat, body temperature and body movements, by using embedded technology. These sensed signals are transmitted to the Raspberry pi to update the data continuously via ADC which will convert these analog signals into digital signals. Through GPRS, the data is sent wirelessly to the monitor screen of the doctor. So, the doctor can visualize the patient’s data at any place. In this proposed system we can simultaneously measure and monitor the patient’s condition. It is operable and available at an affordable cost.

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