An Efficient Design of Three-Input Xor/Xnor Systematic Cell

Suthapalli Venkatrao, S. Sailaja, D Mohan Reddy


An efficient three-input XOR/XNOR circuits as the most significant blocks of digital systems with a new systematic cell design methodology (SCDM) in hybrid-CMOS logic style is proposed in this paper. SCDM, which is an extension of CDM, plays the essential role in designing efficient circuits. At first, it is deliberately given priority to general design goals in a base structure of circuits. This structure is generated systematically by employing binary decision diagram. After that, concerning high flexibility in design targets, SCDM aims to specific ones in the remaining three steps, which are wise selections of basic cells and amend mechanisms, as well as transistor sizing. In the end, the resultant three-input XOR/XNORs enjoy full swing and fairly balanced outputs. We can extend this project for designing of full adder design and it’s topologies.

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