Management by Example: Learning from Gorakh Sutras



A number of management theories have been evolved and practiced during the 11th and 20th century. Most of the managers have not adopted all the theories in totality. The managers usually tend to adopt the theory most suited to their organization in view of their organization; its culture, its environment, its situation and most importantly its work force. The strategies, the theory, the policies, the practices they adopt are either a mix or their self-studied ones. One print which is common to most of them and which is always appreciated by work force is that the manager must act as a role model for his people. This is termed as “Management by example” Here in this study the authories have tried to find if there could be any thing in ancient, Indian wisdom more specifically Gorakhsutras. Gorakhsutras which suggest that this concept was known to Indians much earlier than the modern world.  

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