The relevance of Gandhian Satyagraha in present scenario

Mohd Sadeeq, Anil Kumar Jain


Gandhiji not only gave India its freedom but also gave the world a new thought on nonviolence and sustainable living. His teachings and experiments are more valid today than ever before, especially when we are trying to find solutions to worldwide greed, corruption, violence and runaway consumptive lifestyle which are putting a very heavy burden on the world’s resources. The paper would emphasize on whether in the 21st century’s globalized world the Gandhian message could have any actuality in managing our century’s real challenges.

In this paper the core concept of Gandhi’s thought such as Satya (truth), Ahimsa (non-violence), and Satyagraha (as Gandhi translated: holding on to truth, which in fact is the philosophy and practice of the non-violent resistance) will be discussed. Apart from that the focus will be laid on those aspects and concepts of the Gandhian thought which try to prove that Gandhi’s Satyagraha has relevance and is useful in contemporary era.

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