Study of Nanomaterials

Sumit Kumar Gupta, Nitesh Kumar, Vinita Kumari


Nanomaterials are cornerstones of nanoscience and nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary area of research found major contributions to Science and Technology in the past few years. This field revolutionized the methods of preparation of materials and functionality of devices. It has already shown a significant influence in the fields like medicinal, technological, biological etc. The reasons for selecting nano scale are the increased surface to volume ratio and quantum confinement (QC) effect. The increased surface to volume ratio increases the chemical reactivity and changes the physical strength of the materials. Further, QC effect can become much more significant in deciding the materials properties leading to unusual behaviors. Recently, the use of nanomaterials in the field of luminescene has been vastly increased due to its unique optical, electronic, and structural properties. Recent advancement in optical equipments namely display systems, lasers, emergency lighting systems, detection of harmful radiations, multidimensional optical data and image storage units, has inspired to performa lot of work on nanostructured luminescent materials also known as nanophosphors. Nano-structured phosphors can be applied in various fields due to decreased particle size nearer to atomic level, which considerably changes the optical and electronic properties. Hence, the xiv preparation of nanomaterials with controlled dimensionality, chemical composition, morphology and desired properties has become one of the most thrust areas of research

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