Analysis and Design of Post Tention Concrete Slabs

Varun Veluguleti, Sk Karim Saida


The advancement of pre-stressing innovation has one of the more vital upgrades in the fields of basic building and development. Alluding especially to post tensioning applications, it is for the most part perceived how it opens the likelihood to enhance economy, basic conduct and stylish angles in solid arrangements. As in present day days post tensioning has been most efficient technique when contrasted with the RCC works. The venture talks about the action of utilizing post tensioning in sections and bars in structures. This strategy is very utilized as a part of the development of shopping centers, theatres and multi-storey structures. Notwithstanding the straightforwardness of its essential ideas and understood points of interest, the application degree of post-tensioning arrangements can't be viewed as orchestrated in the diverse territories and basic applications. Truth be told, for different reasons, it gives the idea that the potential offered by pre-stressing is a long way from being abused, particularly in building structures field. By and large where post-tensioning would give a prevalent arrangement, it occurs after all that a more regular non-prestressed arrangement is frequently chosen. Post-tensioned chunks are a favored strategy for modern, business and private floor piece development. The undeniably broad utilization of this strategy is because of its points of interest and its temperament of simple application to a wide assortment of structure geometry and plan solutions.  The utilization of post-tensioned story sections and strengthened solid centre dividers has turned out to be progressively prominent in tall structure development. Financial aspects of the post-tensioning section framework are examined including relative material substance, speed of development, and variables influencing the cost of post-tensioning. At last, a talk on the adaptability of post-tensioned building structures regarding future uses, new floor entrances and pulverization is exhibited.

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