Advanced Home Automatiom and Security System (Has) With Energy Management System (Hems) Using Iot Technology

P. Ashok Kumar


The Internet of Things (IoTs) can be described as connecting everyday objects like smart-phones, Internet TVs, sensors and actuators to the Internet where the devices are intelligently linked together enabling new forms of communication between things and people, and between things themselves.In this project, we design and development of a smart monitoring and controlling system for household electrical appliances in real time. The system principally monitors electrical parameters of household appliances such as voltage and current and subsequently calculates the power consumed. The novelty of this system is the implementation of the controlling mechanism of appliances in different ways. The developed system is a low-cost and flexible in operation and thus can save electricity expense of the consumers. We aim to determine the areas of daily peak hours of electricity usage levels and come with a solution by which we can lower the consumption and enhance better utilization of already limited resources during peak hours.

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