Women’s participation at International Level in India

Ms. Sikka Devi


Sport is an integral part of the culture of almost every nation. However, its use to promote gender equity and empower girls and women is often overlooked because sport is not universally perceived as a suitable or desirable pursuit for girls and women. This article aims analyze the trend of women’s participation in sports and physical activity at international and national levels.

As we know about the Olympic Games, this is a platform of maximum countries of world to meet together for sports. So Olympic Games are the best representatives of all games and sports competition at various levels. Present article explains the ratio of women’s participation in Olympic Games and their trend). Some women i.e. Karnam Malleswari, Saina Nehwal and M.C. Marry Com won the medals in Olympic games. On the basis of this trend we can say that, the women’s participation in sports will be equal to men’s near the mid of this century in Olympic Games.

Keywords: Women, Sports, Participation, Physical Activity, Olympic Games.

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