Issues and Challenges Related To Creating Inclusive Schools in India

Amlesh Kumar


Inclusive schools are an important foundation for an inclusive society. Today the increasing number of students from diverse backgrounds entering schools has reinforced the importance of making schools more inclusive. With a greater variation in the talents, and social, cultural, economic and political backgrounds of the students, the schools in India faces a challenge to use this diversity constructively in order to democratize the teaching-learning processes and practices, and achieve the larger goals of social justice. Creating an inclusive school is a resource designed to motivate school communities to promote, create and sustain inclusive schools throughout country. However, for achieving success to creating an inclusive schools in India there lies several issues and challenges. Many problems such as, lack of well-educated teachers, curriculum, resources, good infrastructural facilities, awareness, positive attitude, plans, policies are creating hurdles for extending the concept of creating inclusive schools in India. Among above mentioned hurdles one of the major problem is to prepare good, effective and competent teacher who can lead and practice inclusive adequately. Thus, the present paper attempts to analyse several issues and challenges related to creating inclusive schools in India.

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