Educational Status of Tribal Women in West Bengal

Subhasish Khanda


Present study emphasized the need for tribal development in West Bengal. The overall literacy picture of West Bengal is not satisfactory even in the year 2011 though the percentage of literate persons is 3.04 percent more than national average.The central theme behind the research study is to find out the change of literacy and educational status of tribal women of different district of West Bengal form 2001 to 2011.The main objectives of this study was, To find out the educational status of tribal women in West Bengal, and to analyze the problems associated with tribal women’s educational achievement.Thus the study intended to find out educational status of tribal women in West Bengal. The entire study is based on secondary data, Census of West Bengal 2001 and 2011 and emphasizes the need for tribal development in West Bengal.It has been found that, in spite of various constitutional provisions and policies for the trials, it is a hard reality that the tribal women still are lagging behind in many respects and they have to face many challenges.Education is a vital instrument to bring about a change in the cultural norms and patterns of life of the tribal women and to change their outlook and made them economically independent. It has been realized that education for tribal women is an essential aspect of development.Thus increasing the literacy rate and providing opportunities for gainful employment for tribal women will be instrumental in bringing about a change in the status of tribal women in West Bengal to remove different barriers.

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