Challenges Faced By Women Entrepreneur’s Present Scenario And Innovative Idea To Overcome

C Mugunthan, K.R. Vijayamalleeswari


Improved female entrepreneurial action herald a growth for women’s civil rights and optimization of their financial and social living index. Financial system thrives when women find a level in concert playing field as men. Novelty works as a vehicle or an instrument for Entrepreneurship. Indian Women, in spite of all the social hurdle situate large from relax of that are commended for their achievement in their particular field. Though, in a country like India where almost 50% of populace is made up of women, the quantity of venture run by women entrepreneurs is only 7.35% or out of 361.87 lakh enterprises in the MSME sector, only 26.60 Lakh have women at the peak There are numeral socio-economic hurdle face by the women at the same time as they challenge to venture into set up and operation their own enterprises. Also, an effort is made to recognize the challenges faced by these women entrepreneurs, by review a variety of literatures and give some idea for overcome these obstacles.

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