Pataleswarar Temple at Thiruppadhiripuliyur in South India: A Study of Its History, Art and Architecture

A. Ramadoss, N. Venkatraman


Generally Temples help us to study about Historical facts, Culture, Arts and Architecture. Tamilnadu has many more Temples. In the ancient period man worshipped the monuments of our anchesters. Later on the tree worship was common in the Human society. After that Temples were belonging to worship place.The Ancient Temples were probably made of wood and other perishable materials. Perhaps the Pallavaswere the first in Taminadu to build   Temples stones and other Materials. The Pallavas were succeeded by the Cholas. They built many Temples in South India. Those Temples were acted as a centre of ancient South Indian, Polity, religion, economy and Art and Architecture [1]

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