Study of Mechanical Properties of Slurry Infiltrated Fibrous Concrete (SIFCON)

Abhineet Bajpai, Rajeev Chandak


Slurry Infiltrated Fibrous Concrete (SIFCON), an exceedingly improved version of conventional fibre reinforced concrete (FRC), is a high performance concrete (HPC) endowed with unique properties in the areas of both strength and ductility. The primary constituents of SIFCON are steel fibres and cement-based slurry. SIFCON is cast using a preplacing technique in which fibres are placed in the mould or on a substratum and infiltrated with cement based slurry.The cement based slurry used in this study is a composition of cement, fly ash and sand, kept in constant proportion butthe hooked end steel fibres are added in various proportions, i.e. 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%. The aim of present investigation is to study the behaviour of SIFCON when subjected to flexure and compression loads. The results obtained from these tests were compared with those carried out on fibre reinforced concrete (FRC 1.5%) specimens. The investigations confirm the superior characteristics of SIFCON.

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