Review of Petrol Filling Station in Urban Area

Mr. Satish Kumar


Urban areas are more prone to natural and manmade disaster. Because the land uses conformity and over utilization of land resource is its higher side in urban area. More urbanization means need of more new urban infrastructure and burden on existing infrastructure. Infrastructure leads to growth of development but when infrastructure is not place as per planning guidelines then it can create chaotic condition which leads to manmade disaster. Infrastructures have three type which is Social, Physical and Economical. Putting Social Infrastructure component in urban area needs more care if the placements of these components are not according to Norms and standard and planning guidelines then it can convert into Disaster. In social Infrastructure petrol pumps, L.P.G storage areas have more threat to negative out come. As the urbanization increase the requirement for infrastructure is also demanded at higher scale in urban area. If any misshaping occurs at these area then it affect its surrounding area also so there is vulnerable zone around these activity which should be planned according to guidelines.

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