Planning Strategy for Earthquake Prone Area

Mr. Satish Kumar


The relationship between man and nature is existing from the birth of man to the earth. In early the relationship of man and nature is friendly as man derives his needs from nature and the end process also easily digest by nature. When man start the over exploitation of the natural resources than natural cycle is disturb. Man is more sophisticated and the end product of man use is not easily digesting by the nature. Some time man dominated on nature and when man thinks that he is superior to nature, nature gives him example that man did not cross the tolerance limit of nature. Today man starts over exploitation of nature. Increasing population and migration to urban area make situation worse. The floating population needs employment, housing, physical and social amenities, so to cater this demand extensive use of land is come into picture. High rise structures, high density area, unplanned development is the component of extensive use of land. This extensive use also brings development in natural vulnerable area like earthquake prone areas.  Earth quake is process of geological activity. Earthquake cannot be prevented but the effects of earthquake can be prevented. There are two measure for prevent earthquake effect, first structural and second non-structural. Urban planning is a non-structural measure to prevent earthquake effects. In this article Planning strategy for earthquake prone area is discuss.   

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