Remote and Intelligent Health monitoring System through IoT and Edge Computing

Ayesha Nuzha, Sumayya Afreen


Technology plays the major role in healthcare not only for sensory devices but also in communication, recording and display device. It is very important to monitor various medical parameters of the patient and also post operational days. Hence to keep track of patient medical parameters, the latest trend in healthcare communication method using IoT is adapted. Internet of things serves as a catalyst for healthcare and plays a prominent role in wide range of healthcare applications. The main advantage of IoT is , it makes medical equipments more efficient by allowing real time monitoring of patient health , in which sensor acquire data of patient’s and reduces the human error. In IoT patient’s health parameters get transmitted through medical devices via a gateway. Data is increasingly produced at the edge of the network, therefore , it would be more efficient to also process the data at the edge of the network using concept of Edge computing.

In this system there is a smart device through which we can monitor patient’s pulse rate and temperature. We can store the sensor parameters in the local database, and we can monitor patient’s pulse rate and temperature then we can retrieve those values and do some data analytics and send the analyzed data to the cloud, before sending the analyzed data to the cloud edge computing techniques are applied . Later these values can be retrieved to mobile application.

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