A Novel Design of Cryptography Algorithm for Data Security using RRG

P.Venkateswara Reddy, B. SudhaKiran


Reversible logic is the recent advancement in the electronics field as it shows low heat dissipating features and low power consumption. On the other hand, reversible logic circuits can decrease energy dissipation theoretically to zero. Recently an approach to encryption/decryption based on using reversible logic circuits has been proposed. This paper presents a solution to designing encryption and decryption schemes based entirely on reversible logic. In our solution a building block of an encryption and decryption scheme is a cascade of 4-input reversible gates. In this way the building block can perform any reversible 4-variable function. For this purpose a reconfigurable reversible gate (RRG) has been proposed. The design of such a reconfigurable gate built from standard reversible gates, i.e. NOT, CNOT, Toffoli and Fredkin gates, is presented. In the paper a complete cryptography scheme for encryption/decryption of 9-bit data is described using Verilog HDL language and its quantum cost is calculated. Simulation and verification of this scheme is presented on Xilinx ISE 14.7.

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