Thermaal Invistigation of Single Cylinder 4-Strock Engine With Different Fin Profile Using Various Alluminium Alloys

Donam Praveen, G. Srinivas


The Engine cylinder is one of the major automobile components, which is subjected to high temperature variations and thermal stresses. In order to cool the cylinder, fins are provided on the surface of the cylinder to increase the rate of heat transfer. By doing thermal analysis on the engine cylinder fins, it is helpful to know the heat dissipation inside the cylinder. We know that, by increasing the surface area we can increase the heat dissipation rate, so designing such a large complex engine is very difficult.

                The main aim of the present paper is to analyze the thermal properties by varying geometry, material and thickness of cylinder fins using ANSYS. Transient thermal analysis determines temperatures and other thermal quantities that vary over time. The variation of temperature distribution over time is of interest in many applications such as in cooling. The accurate thermal simulation could permit critical design parameters to be identified for improved life. Presently Material used for manufacturing cylinder fin body is Aluminum Alloy A204.

              Presently analysis is carried out for cylinder fins using this material and also using Aluminum alloy 6061 and Al 7075 which have higher thermal conductivities and by varying the fins geometry from straight to variable leads to increase the area.


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