Determining Heat Transfer Characteristics Of Hybrid Loop Heat Pipe Systemswith Multiple Evaporators

T.Papa Rao, K. Srilakshmim


Hybrid Loop Heat Pipe System (HLHPS) is an advanced nextgenerationLoop Heat Pipe system with multiple main evaporators andone small secondary evaporator adjacent to the only reservoir in thesystem. The HLHPS reservoir contains both liquid and vapor phasesof the working fluid and, being the largest volumecomponent, virtually dictates the level of the absolutepressure inside HLHPS.

In this thesis, Hybrid Loop Heat Pipe System is and modeled in 3D modeling software Pro/Engineer. Heat transfer characteristics of HLHPS are determined by CFD and thermal analysis. CFD analysis is done to determine the heat transfer rate, pressure drop, mass flow rate, heat transfer coefficient different working fluids R134, R404, R717 and R600a. Thermal analysis is done to determine heat transfer rate and temperature distribution.

CFD and thermal analysis is done in Ansys.

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