Role of Guidance and Counselling For Promoting Effective Teaching Learning Process in Higher Education

Sonu Kumar


At the present context of education is a major part for nation development as well as plays a role for sustainable development in present 21st century of Indian landmark. Make a historical outlook Indian education system in the road way of quality education towards progress for high economical perspectives. It is because of only education. So that if education providing by nation became quality and innovative then every nation must have achieve excellence in every sectors. Mainly education start from School to University level but if we want to education became more powerful then we must focus in higher education level that was College and University education because of its leading towards vision specific for every students.  Therefore, this paper focuses on the need for effective counselling services in higher education. Similarly, the paper seeks to describe the concept of counselling, the different counselling services like educational, vocational and socio/personal, and associated problems of guidance and counselling as it affects teaching and learning in higher education level. Finally, the paper suggestions that individuals be made to understand, appreciate and accept guidance and counselling services in higher education level because of the roles they play in effective teaching learning process.

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