The Outcomes of Human Resource Management Practices on Employee Performance in Health Care Organization

Laxmi Rajak, Kushendra Mishra


Human resource management practiceshas been accepted as an indispensable factor in fostering the good value of health attentionin health care organization, several studies yet has absorbed that on individual practices, overseeing the contexts within which these practices are operating. Human resource management practices are key for uplifting the performance of employee as well as received substantial consideration in current research on area of management sciences. We conducted a review of the literature for two purposes. Firstly, to show how the major management practices as well as performance of employee are linked each other. Secondly, itdirect on further research on how research in such a complex relationship might best be undertaken. One of the main goals of Human Resource Management is to increase the performance of health care organizations. In this paper mostly studied haveclearly addressed the multidimensional personality of the performance of employee and linked human resource management practices to various outcome dimensions. This paper focus on the human resource management practices, individual as well as organizational performance of employee in promoting the good quality of health care organization to the developing ofcountries. It is  very essential to develop structures approach of assessing the structural as well as process the  dimensions as well as apply comprehensive model to evaluate the relationship between strategic of human resource management practices and performance of employee at micro and macro  both level.

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