Impact of Intervention Program on Functional Skills of Children with Autism: Its Influence on the Social Adjustment of their fathers and mothers

Sanatombi Chingangbam, Venkat Lakshmi, H.


Autistic children need assistance from their parents in performing their day to day activities. Parents have multiple roles, demands and duties to be discharged in the family, community and society as well. In addition, they have very little time for themselves and for the other members of family and friends due to the increased amount of caregiving time that their child with autism requires, which in turn affects their social adjustment.

Hence, the purpose of this study was to assess the impact of intervention program on functional skills for parents of children with autism on their social adjustment. The sample consisted of 190 parents of children with autism between 5 to 10 years of age. The pre-test and post-test method was used with an intervention program. The data was collected by the investigator using a self -structured rating scale from the parents of children with autism attending special schools in Bangalore City. The pre-test data showed that mothers of children with autism reported significantly low level of social adjustment and fathers had an average level of social adjustment. An intervention program was conducted by the investigator as a part of the study. The t-test was computed to compare the mean scores of Pre and Post-tests. The results of post-test data showed that there was not much of statistical difference in the social adjustment of fathers of children with autism. However, there was a highly significant improvement in the social adjustment of the mothers of children on the autism spectrum. The study highlighted that when parents are introduced to the techniques of teaching functional skills to their autistic children it will help their child develop identity; and which in turn reflects on the social adjustment of the parents.

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