Modeling and Analysis of Camshaft

Ainavilli Satya Ravi Sasidhar, Narsimha Reddy


A camshaft is a shaft to which a cam is secured or of which a cam shapes an essential part. In inside burning motors with cylinders, the camshaft is utilized to work poppet valves. It at that point comprises of a tube shaped bar running the length of the barrel manage an account with various oval flaps projecting from it, one for every valve.

The turn of the camshaft and the revolution of the crankshaft is of basic significance. Since the valves control the stream of the air/fuel blend admission and fumes gases, they should be opened and shut at the proper time amid the stroke of the cylinder. This camshaft is pivot at high speeds causing vibrations in the framework.

Camshafts are additionally subjected to shifting contact weariness stacks because of the contact of the plunger on the cam. Camshafts are turning parts with basic load; these correct esteems are should have been deciding to keep away from disappointment in camshaft.

Here in this undertaking demonstrating of camshaft is done in solid works 2016 outline programming and static analysis and dynamic analysis is done in ansys 14.5 and used different materials at certain load.

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