Induction Motor Drive Fed With an Integrated Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Improvement

Darise Ravi Kiran Kumar, Lakshmana Nayak


This paper proposes an integrated DVR is used for power quality improvement fed with Induction Motor Drive. The voltage disturbances predominately contain the voltage sags, swells (power, speed, torque and possible stall) harmonics (losses and torque), unbalanced quite short interruptions, transient over voltage and under voltage and flicker. The preliminary operation of the DVR is to inject a voltage of the associated magnitude, phase positioning and additional frequency in progression with the distribution feeder to monitor and stay in the desired amplitude and waveform for load voltage even though the voltage is out of balance or distorted. Introduction motors are widely used in industrial applications for their intrinsic ruggedness and reduced cost. In the project DVR  inject  an  appropriate voltage  magnitude  with  an  appropriate  phase  angle dynamically. This project is  extended with integrated DVR is fed with Induction motor drive. The Induction motor stator current speed and torque responses are studied.

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