Colour Image Watermarking Based On Wavelet and QR Decomposition

D. Srinivasarao, Sk. Ayesha


We proposed new video watermarking algorithm on color video. The motivation of this implementation is to provide a recent watermarking trends and of the future research directions in color image and video watermarking. The proposed algorithm divides cover video frames into three color bands of red, green and blue. Then following operations are performed on all three channels of cover video frame separately. First, each colour band is divided into patches of small sizes then the entropy of each patch is calculated. At this step a threshold is found based on the average entropy of all patches and following is applied to all patches which have entropy lower than the threshold. Wavelet representations of each patch are given by applying a discrete wavelet transform. Then Singular value decomposition, orthogonal-triangular decomposition, and a chirp z-transform are used to embed a watermark on the cover image. Several signal processing attacks are applied on watermarked images in order to robustness of the algorithm. The Proposed algorithm is compared with one conventional state-of-art algorithms. Experimental results show superiority of the proposed algorithm compare with other algorithm in the area of image watermarking.

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