Enhancing the Performance of DYMO Routing Protocol in Manets

Vangala. Vaishnavi, Dr. S. Pallam Setty


In MANETs, nodes move around arbitrarily nodes may join and leave at any time and the topology is dynamically changing. Therefore routing is challenging problem in MANET because of the dynamic topology. Due to this problem link failure and route failure takes place. Therefore QOS routing is problem in MANETS.AODV is on demand reactive routing protocol, but drawback of AODV is doesn’t support scalability then it support small area networks. AODV v2 that is DYMO (Dynamic MANET Organization) supports larger networks. Again the problem is it doesn’t support smaller networks. The project contains a survey of implementing challenges to support scalability. In this project  we investigating the impact of simulation time, Network size and offered load on the performance of both AODV and DYMO. By varying the NTT (node traversal time) we found that NTT=20Ms supports both smaller and larger networks. The drawback of DYMO is solved. The evaluation showed results, compared with AODV, DYMO and modified DYMO. Therefore our modified DYMO supports scalability.

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