Secure Cloud through progressive Encryption and Decryption methods

T. Rajesh, V.Vidya Sagar, Vamsi Krishna


Several user and organizations across the world are using cloud storage to store the data as it provides more accessibility and less maintenance cost. But the main problem with using cloud is its security which can be accessed by unauthorized users. Fully protection is needed to safeguard that the files placed in the server are only available to authorized person. This paper proposes a system that will combineRivest-ShamirAdleman (RSA) and Data Encryption Standard (DES) combination encryption process using USB device. The files may be read in the cloud but all the files present will remain encrypted till the USB device is plugged into the computer. By using this technique we can provide a secured mechanism which will generate a random password all the time it is been used. This provides a high security to the system. The suggested system will identify the USB that comprises the private-key used for the files to be downloaded from the cloud. 

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