The Impact of Conflict Managing Style on Organizational Commitment in an Insurance Industry in Batticaloa District

Shamila F.A, Vinokanth S


Sri Lankan Insurance Industry is one of main industry in Sri Lankan economy and these industries provide so many employments opportunities. In new business era, conflict is a part of every organizational life. Conflict can occur between individuals and groups. It has arisen both positive and negative effects. Employees cannot be committed to the organization whenever conflict exists (Nair, 2008). Conflict that occurs among team members might reduce mutual understanding and thus hinder the commitment of employees to complete their tasks. It also causes employees to be short tempered, distrustful and resentful. This will result in negative consequences on group member’s commitment towards the organization, hence increasing the intention to leave the organization. For this reason, conflict must be managed effectively to enhance organizational commitment towards the organization.

Therefore, the objective of this study is to identify the impact of conflict management styles on organizational commitment in an insurance industry in Batticaloadistrict

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