Construction and Standardization of Teachers’ Burnout Scale (Tbs): A Psycho-Educational Perspective

Madhu Gupta, Surekha Rani


The present research paper has been designed to construct and standardize the Teachers’ Burnout Scale for assessing the level of burnout among teachers. Different steps were followed to develop and standardise this scale as planning and preparation, first try-out, second try-out, scoring, item analysis, reliability, validity, final form of the scale and interpretation of raw scores. Initially, 75 likert-type items written in both languages (English and Hindi) for preliminary form covering the four areas of Teacher’s Burnout as Perceived self-efficacy, Students’ Disruptive behavior, Collegiality and Institutional climate were given to the 25 experts belonging to the field of Education, Psychology, Sociology and Language for further rating. On the basis of unanimous decision of experts, 61 items were retained for second draft. In order to determine the applicability and homogeneity of the items, the 61 items were administered to a randomly selected sample of 110 teachers teaching in schools & colleges of Haryana State. Final selection of the items was made on the


basis of t-test computation. In the final draft 40 items were found significant minimum at 0.05 level of significance. Reliability of the scale was measure by Test-retest method (0.994) and Split-Half method (0.895). The scale was validated against the face, content and construct validity (ranges from 0.660 to 0.900). Z-score norms have been prepared to measure the level of burnout among teachers.

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