Maf Based Shunt Active Power Filter

V.Venkata Pathi Raju, S.Rajshekar S


A novel indirect current control technique for current harmonic elimination using a Shunt Active Power Filter (SHAPF) is presented in this project. The control technique is developed with the help of Moving Average Filter (MAF) based Phase Locked Loop (PLL). PLLs are used in control circuit of SHAPF for determination of fundamental frequency and phase angle of distorted voltage and/or current signals. The standard PLLs used in control circuit of SHAPF suffers with slow dynamic response. To overcome the drawback a new control scheme based on MAF with PLL is implemented for disturbance extraction from the input signals. The effectiveness of the control scheme is investigated with the help of MATLAB based simulation studies for current harmonic elimination in a power distribution system supplying harmonic sensitive loads.

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