Role of Advertisement in Remolding The Materialistic Opulent Society With Special Reference to Contemporary Punjab - India

Rajesh Kumar Mahajan


In this globally connected world, media attracts the public by imparting knowledge and awareness of products and the companies rely on media to market their products and increase their sales, through advertisement. The present paper probes into the prospects launched by advertisement in an opulent society. There is no denying the fact that this contemporary era has driven us towards materialistic sumptuousness. Media plays a profusely relative role in catering to it, by way of advertisement. Not only urban, but rural areas have also been reached out for outsourcing. This paper seeks to study the psychological consequences of advertisement on materially steered society and to analyze how well influential impact has been produced by juxtaposing it in an adoptable background. The world of advertising, without a doubt arrests the consumer attention in a very calculative manner, especially the younger section of the society. In fact the most affected strata happen to be the youth of the country. Advertisement increases the brand value and by face endorsing it, adds to the value of the product. But the viability of advertisement as status symbol is still to be deciphered. The role played by media is scrutinized deeply in this paper in order to study its impact on consumers. And last, a questionnaire is being proposed that provides a clear picture of the world diving in materialism.



Opulent Society, Materialistic, Contemporary, Psychological, Deciphered.

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