Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Safe Food Handling Among Food Handlers in Nishter Hospital Multan and Its Premises

Shafi Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Atif Noor, Khadija Khurshid


Background: Food borne diseases are a growing public health problem worldwide killing estimated 2.2 million people annually. Food handlers are the major risk in causing food contamination because they can transmit the germs to food during the processing of food. A food handler is defined, according to WHO, as any person who directly handles packed or un-packed food, food equipment and utensils or food contact surfaces, and is therefore expected to comply with food hygiene requirements [1]. According to WHO; Food safety is defined as all measures to ensure that food will not cause harm to the consumer when it is prepared and eaten according to its intended use. Food borne illness (also food borne disease ) is any illness resulting from the consumption of contaminated food, pathogenic bacteria, viruses, or parasites that contaminate food  as well as chemical or natural toxins such as poisonous mushrooms.

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