Study on Status of Electronic Financial Services in Jordanian Commercial Banks.

Yousef Ali Mahmoud Al Hayek, V. Usha Kiran


Jordanian banks offer a diversity of            E-Banking services but their influence might be through attracting new clients, which leads to growth of the bank’s profits because of increased number of clients, Internet Banking has become is gaining increasing acceptance amongst various sections of the society. Electronic banking has become one of the most important and modern applications that has witnessed a substantial expansion during the last years. This study examines the impact of electronic banking on the Jordanian banks' performance. The data for this study was collected by relying on the annual reports of the annual reports and monthly bulletins of Jordanian commercial banks, for financial and statistical analysis over a period of time i.e. from 2011 to 2016.


The data was analyzed through the statistical analysis program SPSS using a set of tests, including the test of simple linear regression analysis and the natural distribution of the hypothesis and the research was tested using R2. The application of the regression equation shows the effect of using smart cards (plastic money) on the number of ATM and profit in Jordanian commercial banks


(E.F.S = a + B1ATM + B2prof + e ..... 1).


Electronic banking or internet banking is the commonly method adopted by banks. Banks  are  playing  a  very  important  and  effective  role  due  to  these developments  and changes  in the  economic world.  Thanks to the accelerating advances in technology, there diversity in almost all services banks is offering to their customers everywhere and anytime. Banks are considered among the most institutions that care about diversity of electronic banking services using IT, communications.


The results of the analysis clearly indicate that there is no affect of using smart cards (plastic money) on the number of ATMs in the Jordanian commercial banks. Hence, there is effect of using smart cards (plastic money) on the profit in the Jordanian commercial banks. The study recommends that the Jordanian commercial banks should pay more attention to increasing the number of ATMs that will have a role in increasing the bank's customers and profits.

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