Mergers and Acquisitions in Indian Banking Sector



This research paper looks at Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A’s) that have happened in Indian banking sector to understand the resulting synergies and the long term implications of the merger. The paper also analyses emerging future trends and recommends steps that banks should consider for future. The paper reviews the trends in M&A’s in Indian banking and then impact of M&A’s has been studied in three leading banks of India. The study covers the area of performance evaluation of M&A’s in Indian banking sector during the period from 2000 to 2013. The paper compares pre and post merger financial performance of merged banks with the help of financial parameters like, Net Profit margin, operating Profit margin, Return on Capital Employed, Return on Equity, earnings per share, capital adequacy ratio, dividend per share etc. The findings suggest that to some extent M&A’s has been successful in Indian banking sector. The Government and Policy makers should not promote merger between strong and distressed banks as a way to promote the interest of the depositors of distressed banks, as it will have adverse effect upon the asset quality of the stronger banks.

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