Report on CFD Analysis of a Spiked Blunt Body

Saad Ahmed, Mohammed. Samiuddin Khan, Khaja Hamiuddin Mujahid, Mohd Ayazuddin, Sunil Manchala


Supersonic vehicles operate at very high speeds and are exposed  to problem of drag and heating. Employment of aerospike in the current body can reduce problem of drag and heating of body. Imposed bluntness at the nose of the supersonic vehicle is necessary to alleviate the oncoming heat load.In current analysis, flow around a blunt body which is fitted with an aerospike is analyzed using software ANSYS Fluent, at a high Mach number (M=4.5) at an angle of attack  0°and 15°. Aerospikeis placed in front of the body, this tackles strong shock waves. The region of recirculation develops which is depicted in contour plots below.This acts as as streamline contour thus reducing drag and wall heat flux.

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