Patients Data Management Using Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks



A Wireless Network Wireless Network (WANET) is a wireless network operated in a disaster area to collect data from patients and improve medical facilities. The WANETs are composed of several small nodes scattered in the disaster area. The nodes are capable of sending (wirelessly) the collected medical data to the base stations. The images are of large size and use up lot of bandwidth of network and also decreases the lifetime of WANET to alleviate this problem JPEG2000 compression on Patients Data Management (PDM) is done to prolong the network lifetime. Low battery power of nodes and large-scale medical data transmission required an excellent approach to preserving the quality of service of WANETs. To solve this problem, we propose an optimized clinical data compression mechanism, which is strong for transfer errors. We propose a clear-logic-based method of selecting the WANET's lifetime incremented compressed data. The technique is fully distributed and does not use any geographical/location information. We demonstrate the utility of the proposed work with simulation results. The results show that the proposed work effectively maintains connectivity of WANETs and prolongs network lifetime.

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