Managing Rural Development through Rural Women Entrepreneurship

Shilpi Srivastava


Indian women representation in jobs and other entrepreneurial activity is very low, moreover rural women are so beyond to job’s opportunities and entrepreneurial activity. It not mean they are free from work, equally to men they are engaged in several types of domestic work and up to some extent they are engaged with other types of unorganized jobs such as labor work . Although they are doing a lot for their families but their existence are neglected by society because they are not income source for their family. It is a general perception that income generating group is more prestigious and recognized by the society. In this paper focus is given on various types of policies, strategies and cases which are being borne by several organization including government and private sector. Main focus is given on self help group linked women entrepreneurship policies which have been very successfully during the last few decades. Self help group involve rural women, who worked with the help of small credit from bank. Most of SHGs have started a small level entrepreneurial activity from there home place. Self help group linked entrepreneurship activities are highly promoted by state government, central government along with various banks. In this paper researcher will try to find of scope and opportunities for new rural women entrepreneurship and also gives some suggestion and recommendation for existing policies.

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