China Pakistan Economic Corridor

Priyanshu Gupta


General Xiong Guangkai  quote, “Pakistan is China’s Israel.” For decades, China’s secrete ties with Pakistan  have run closer than most formal alliances. Founded on a shared enmity with India, China’s backing to Pakistan has gone so deep that it was willing to offer the ultimate gift from one state to another: the materials that Pakistan’s nuclear scientists needed to build the bomb and now investing billion dollars in the project name China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). But what needs to be remembered is that all these connectivity projects always had commercial as well as strategic security connotations.1 As regards the strategic importance of these roads, it has been rightly stated that, “one can hardly over-estimate its importance from a commercial or military point of view. Troops could easily be moved from one place to another – even from the capital to the far confines of the frontier.”2



CPEC, Strategy, BRF, South Asia, Islamic world, multilateral.

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