New Challenges for Historians and Librarians in Digital Environment

Anoop Singh


The purpose of the study is to examine how Historians and Librarians are facing challenges in today’s digital environment. Undoubtedly, new information communication technologies affect all the disciplines as well as professionals. Historians and Librarians are also not untouched by this. For historians, the challenge has shifted from discovering rare sources to filtering out unwanted information while identifying all relevant sources. Historians has challenge of developing an understanding of how to use digital sources appropriately, and using methods to deliver new scholarship that enhances the understanding of the past. There are many of sources available; the challenge is to make use of them to deliver on their potential. On the other hand, Information privacy, copyrights, and information security are some of the challenging issues faced by the librarians in digital environment. This paper is an attempt to discuss the implications of these issues so that strategies can be devised to address them effectively and efficiently.

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